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The Q&A is closed for the 2021-2022 season. Any rule changes or clarifications pertaining to the 2022 VEX Robotics World Championship will be included in the April 5 Game Manual Update. Teams attending VEX Worlds who wish to pre-submit questions for the driver's meeting should have received a contact form via email; if not, please contact your REC Foundation Team Engagement Manager for more information.

Official Q&A: VRC 2021-2022: Tipping Point

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Follow up to Q&A 841


Q&A 841:

In the answer to Q&A 841 it was stated that the GDC had intended to make the Yaw Rate Gyro, Analog Accelerometer, and LED Indicator legal and that a future game manual update would clarify this. However, none of the subsequent game manual updates have included such a clarification. Has the GDC changed their mind on the legality of these parts? Can the GDC please clarify whether these parts are legal or not? We are hoping to get an answer before our HS state championship, which is this weekend. Thank you.

Answered by committee

Yes, these parts are still legal. As always, the response given in Q&A 841 can be used in the absence of a formal Game Manual Update.