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Robots Stuck Under The Platform


I have a question about the following scenario:

A red robot comes over to blue side of the field and picks up a blue mobile goal. A blue robot makes a vigorous play at the red robot and goal. The red robot gets stuck under the platform outside of the :30 second mark and remains there for the duration of the match. In this instance can the red robot not be called for a disqualification because you can't be forced into a penalty outside of the :30 mark. The blue alliance would then be left to not score any elevated goals for the duration of the match. Any information clearing up this scenario would be greatly appreciated.

Answered by committee

Please see the following related Q&A's:

Any time there is contact with an opponent's Platform in the last 30 seconds of the Match, a violation of SG3 has occurred.

However, as noted in SG3-b, G14 is only waived for SG3 violations in the last 30 seconds of the Match. Therefore, the scenario you have described (i.e. pushing the red Robot under the blue Platform prior to 30 seconds) would still be considered a violation of G14 on the blue Alliance.