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Seeking clarification on <SG3> Platforms are safe... and <G14> You can't force...

Danny Hernandez (Event Partner)

Per <SG3> Platforms are "safe" during endgame. Per <G14> You can't force an opponent into a penalty Two tournaments. Two different weekends. Two different interpretations of the rules by two different referees. One refs interpretation was that if a red team pushes a blue team into the red platform during the End Game, it would not be ruled it a 30 point penalty per <G14> because red "forced" blue into the infraction. The following weekend it was the exact opposite and teams were penalized for being pushed into the platform including if they were driving away from the platform. The violating team had no intention of touching the platform and were forced into a violation of <SG3> .

As we prepare for the State Tournament we hope these interpretations can be cleared up so our students can have a fun filled day to finish out their season. It is very difficult as a Mentor to explain the rules when they are interpreted completely opposite. Are there any meetings throughout the season with all Head Referees to ensure calls are being made the same? Each year the game is difficult and the rules are left to interpretation. This puts the referees in a tough spot and the students are the ones who pay the price for calls being made differently based on one's interpretation of the rules.

So the questions,

  1. If a blue robot is not attempting to touch a red platform during endgame, not even driving towards it, and a red robot decides to push the blue robot into the red platform, is this a violation? Red robot does not have any mobile goals and is not attempting to score anything?
  2. If a blue robot is playing defense and pushing the red robot away from the red platform, then the red robot overpowers and pushes blue into the red platform, is this a violation? Red robot does not have any mobile goals and is not attempting to score anything?
  3. If either of scenario 1 or 2 happens, except Red is attempting to score a mobile goal on the platform, are they now protected under <G13> Offensive robots get the "benefit of the doubt"?

We understand the transitive property and touching the platform on our own because we drove into the platform, the other robot, or a mobile goal. Just need clarification on being pushed into the violation.

Answered by committee

Yes, these would be considered violations of SG3. Please see this related Q&A for more information: