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Autonomous Win Point (LRT)

VEX Robotics Korea (Event Partner)


We would like to make the following clear;



Autonomous Win Point (LRT) - The one (1) Win Point (WP) given to a Team that has Cleared their AWP Line, and Scored at least one Ring on any Mobile Goal, at the end of the Autonomous Period. Both Teams can earn this Win Point if both Teams accomplish this task.

Live Remote Tournament Scoring Mobile Goal Base: 0 Points

If a team has cleared the AWP Line and one purple ring is located in the Mobile Goal Base instead of the branch, the team doesn't get Autonomous Win Point, correct?

We will be waiting for your reply.

Thanks in advance.

Answered by committee

Appendix E, the LRT Appendix, states the following:

Rings which are Scored in Mobile Goal Bases are not worth any points.

Rings which are in Mobile Goal Bases still technically meet the definition of Scored, they are just not counted for any points.

Therefore, a Ring which meets the definition of Scored in the Mobile Goal Base can still count towards the Autonomous Win Point.