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Students sitting on a barstool - raised field - Rule T17



I have three short students that may be driving at the VRC middle school state tournmanet in Ohio in March 2022 for their respective teams. On a raised field (2 feet), the students views are obstructed due to their short height. I am exploring options for the students to compete in a fair manner. 1. The students could sit (not stand) on a barstool, which raises the driver's height some - enough so the driver can fairly see the field without obstruction. 2. The students could compete on an arena that is not raised - I have fomally asked the EP for the state of Ohio to provide a field on the ground. 3. Perhaps there is another solution VEX has used in the past?

T17 - mFields may be raised or on the floor. Some tournaments may choose to place the playing field

on the floor, or elevated off the floor (common heights are 12” to 24” [30.5cm to 61cm]). No Drive Team Members may stand on any sort of object during a Match, regardless of whether the field is on the floor or elevated." Milford Robotics interpretation - a bar stool would be an appropriate chair to sit (not stand) on to raise the height of the driver to a fair height.

Please advise.

Thank you for your time.


Answered by committee

No, this would not be permitted. We will be sure to clarify the intent of this note in T17 in a future Game Manual update.