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Official Q&A: VRC 2021-2022: Tipping Point

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**Clarification on the Definition of Cleared**


In version 2.3 of the Tipping Point game manual the definition of cleared is as followed, "An Alliance Mobile Goal state. An Alliance Mobile Goal is considered 'Cleared' if, at the end of the Autonomous Period, it is not contacting its AWP Line or the Neutral Zone"

In two tournaments we have attended this year, our team has seen two conflicting applications of the 'Cleared' state in autonomous. We were hoping you could clarify which is correct

The scenario: One robot scores a ring in the alliance goal not on the AWP line. The other robot lifts the alliance goal vertically off the AWP line and then scores a ring in it

Ruling 1: Because the goal is lifted, it is no longer physically contacting the AWP line of tape. Therefore, the definition of cleared is satisfied and an auton win point is awarded

Ruling 2: The AWP line has 'infinite upwards projection' like the Alliance Home Zone, simply lifting the goal does not satisfy the definition of cleared. Therefore, no auton win point is awarded.

Which ruling is correct?

Answered by committee

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