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G20 VI White Screen Devices Don't Blink Red


In <G20 vi> it states that

A V5 Robot Brain lockup that is outside of the Team’s control and results in a complete shutdown of the Robot. This condition can be identified by the V5 screen turning completely white, becoming unresponsive to any inputs from Controllers or sensors, and all connected devices blinking red at their Smart Port connections. The Robot must meet all of these criteria in order to qualify for a Match replay

White screens constantly happen where devices are not in a state of blinking but do not have lights on at all. This has resulted in many matches not resulting in a replay despite being out of the teams control. Should the rule be reworded or is this the intended effect?

Edit: This video shows a white screen and the motors at the bottom have no lights.

Answered by committee

This will be addressed in the February 1 Game Manual update.