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R22 Threadlocker


Hi, In past seasons R22 had a subsection g which stated

Mechanical fasteners may be secured using Loctite or a similar thread-locking product. This may ONLY be used for securing hardware, such as screws and nuts.

However, this subsection is not present in the latest version of the Tipping Point Game Manual. This rule, or an equivalent, has been present in the game manual for a long time, so it seems odd to me that it would suddenly be removed. In Tower Takeover, a similar error was made, and was corrected:

Is it legal to use Threadlocker such as Loctite for the sole purpose of securing hardware, such as screws and nuts?

Thank you.

Answered by committee

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This was an error, and will be fixed in a future Game Manual update. The use of Loctite for securing hardware, such as screws and nuts, is permitted.