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LRS Camera placement

Michael Harris

According to the Remote Skills Field & Technology Inspection Checklist (, the camera placement for Remote Skills needs to be "Facing the field from the audience side (red alliance on the left)". Is there a possibility to get an exception for this for Worlds Skills runs if there are limitations due to space constraints?

Specifically in our case, the placement for the field leaves less than a foot on three sides of the field, so placement of the camera is over the red side of the field shared above where the drivers stand. It has full view of the field from up high, but not down the center of the field. Over the course of the season, EPs of virtual skills events have had no problem with our configuration.

I understand that this would not work for LRT due to the need for consistency across fields in real time, but that is quite different from a 60 seconds skills run that gets scored at the end.

Answered by Game Design Committee

No, this exception would not be permissible. We would advise rotating the field by 90 degrees, and having Drivers stand along the side that would traditionally be used as the "audience" side, taking care not to block the camera's view of any Goals.

For more information about Robot & Field Inspection at VEX Worlds 2021, please see the GDC's VEX Worlds Update: