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Legality of 3D Printed VEX Flex Wheel VersaHex Adapters


We recently attempted to purchase Flex Wheel VersaHex Adapters which are coupled with the VersaBore to engage Flex Wheels with standard VEX axles.

The VEX sales representative we spoke to said that there was an engineering defect in this product as originally launched and they would not be selling any more this season but that we could expect a corrected replacement part in the fall. He said what they are telling teams to do in the meantime is to 3D print the existing part vis-a-vis the CAD file on the product page as a temporary stop gap.

We wanted to ask that an official ruling be made on this so no complications will arise during Worlds inspections. Can we do as was suggested and use a 3D printed VersaHex adapter using the VEX provided CAD file since this product was removed but is required to use the Flex Wheels which were stated as legal for the 2020-2021 season in the Offical Q&A? I believe this is different than a product being discountinued as it is a small piece of a newly introduced product that happened to have a defect.

Flex Wheel Product Page

Answered by Game Design Committee

Please see the following Q&A, which discusses the legality of 3D printed replacements for official VEX parts:

Teams are welcome to use 3D printed substitutes for testing or development purposes. However, these substitutes are not legal for use in official competition.