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Robot and Field Starting Positions

Ryan Tang

The game manual says that the ball has to be placed adjacent to the corner goal. Does this mean that the balls next to the corner goal need to be touching the goal or is there a tolerance of how far from the goal the ball can be?

Answered by Game Design Committee

Rule G19 reads as follows:

<G19> Be prepared for minor field variance. Field Element tolerances may vary from nominal by ±1.0”, unless otherwise specified. Ball tolerances and weights may vary from nominal to ±0.10” and 10 grams respectively. Ball placement at the beginning of Matches may vary from nominal to ±1.5”. The bottom opening of Goals between the lowest two rings has a dimensional tolerance of -0.0 / +0.5”. Teams are encouraged to design their Robots accordingly. Please make sure to check Appendix A for more specific nominal dimensions and tolerances.

There is no specification requiring contact between the Ball and the Goal.