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Nylon Standoffs



Quick question on the legality of nylon standoffs.


Certain non-VEX screws, nuts, and washers are allowed. Robots may use any commercially available #4, #6, #8, M3, M3.5, or M4 screw up to 2” (50.8mm) long (nominal), and any commercially available nut, washer, and/or spacer (up to 2” / 50.8mm long) to fit these screws.

Q&A on Nylon Fasteners (further clarification of R12)

As noted in R12, it will ultimately be at the inspector's discretion to determine whether or not a nylon screw has introduced additional functionality. In general, if the screw could be replaced with a standard VEX screw with no resulting functional changes to the mechanism in question, then they would be legal. However, if the mechanism takes advantage of a functional difference between the two screws (such as the additional flexibility of a nylon vs metal fastener), then they would likely be ruled illegal.

2016 Q&A ruling nylon standoffs illegal

...standoffs are not considered nuts.

Should standoffs be considered nuts when interpreting R12 and Q&A 747?

Thank you

Answered by Game Design Committee

Should standoffs be considered nuts when interpreting R12 and Q&A 747?

No. Standoffs serve a different functional purpose than nuts, and should be considered separately.

R12 specifically refers to screws, nuts, and washers. Since a standoff is not considered a nut, it is not included in the exceptions provided by R12.

Therefore, no, nylon standoffs would not be legal for use.