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Your decision to enter the world of robotics is an important one and selecting an educational robotics program is difficult because there are several robotics competitions to choose from. For your team to be successful you will need to find a well-rounded program that includes a state-of-the-art robotics kit, software, and tech support combined with hands-on training to teach you how to use the robotics equipment and implement it into your classroom or community.

The Botball Educational Robotics Program is one of the only robotics competitions open to middle schools and high schools that offers all of these features!


Botball Robotics Workshop - Before every regional Botball Robotics Tournament, a 2-day workshop is held. Educators and team leaders learn about current robotics technology, mechanical design, and programming.

Students Build the Bots - Following the workshop the students take over – not professionals. Botball teams are given about seven weeks to design, build, and program a pair of original autonomous robots that work together to score points during the regional tournament.

Reading, Writing, and Robots - During the building period, Botball teams document the engineering process online and prepare a verbal presentation for judges at the tournament.

Non-Destructive Tournaments - If you think that non-destructive robot competition can’t be fun then you haven’t been to a Botball tournament! Botball isn’t about destroying the opponent; it’s about outwitting and out maneuvering the competition. Watching your students work as a team to develop their strategy on game day is as rewarding as it is exciting.

Reusable Equipment - Botball equipment is reusable and becomes a permanent asset of schools/communities to be used in classrooms and clubs for years to come.

*** There will be Botball events in Texas and Northern California also. Those events will be listed when the dates and locations are finalized, which should be soon.

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