Student robotics competition culminates in space

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Students attending this summer's Salem CyberSpace robotics camp will be traveling to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to have their computer programs uploaded to robots stationed on the International Space Station.

According to the Boston Globe, students from the Salem, Massachusetts science program spent much of their summer learning robotic programming codes and constructing advanced gadgets during hands-on demonstrations.

"When I heard my mom was signing me up for a summer activity about science, I thought it would be a little boring," one student admitted to the news source. "But after spending one day here it was nice to see it wasn't supposed to be taken like school."

Program officials pointed to a concerning rise in the amount of students opting out of science and math in middle school. In an effort to help youth explore these subjects in engaging and informative ways, CyberSpace was able to secure funding from NASA as well as MIT.

Each of the 11 students graduating from the Salem CyberSpace program this year has plans for post-secondary education, according to Salem News.

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