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Web Ad Specifications

Ad Product Dimensions Max File Size
Big Rectangle 300px X 250px 30k
Wide Skyscraper 160px X 600px 30k
Narrow Skyscraper 120px X 600px 30k
Horizontal Banner 800px X 90px 30k
Half Skyscraper 160px X 300px 20k
Small Rectangle 300px X 100px 20k
Tower 120px X 240px 20k
Tile Box 125px X 125px 20k
RoboBlock Six ads sizes shown below; rotate on all pages.

Monthly Ad Rotation Rates

Single Month 6 Month Pkg
Discount Rate
12 Month Pkg
Discount Rate
$1,000 $900 $800
$1,000 $900 $800
$900 $800 $700
$800 $700 $600
$700 $625 $550
$600 $550 $500
$550 $550 $450
$300 $275 $225
$4,000 $3,300 $2,500

Ads can be GIF, JPG, HTML (Any other formats or requests should be discussed with our sales reps)

All click-through URLs must open in a new browser window.

Out of respect for prior sponsorship arrangements and partnerships, certain competitive ads may not be permittted to appear on select pages of

For more information about advertising on, please contact our sales department at: